Getting started on Jumia

How do I Register?

Start selling on is very easy. You do not have to pay anything to register. Just visit the website and fill the form. Once the registration details has been filled.  You are required to watch the short training videos and take the quiz. An email will be sent with a link to create password.

How do I login?

On your Browser, type and use the password you created from the email received from Jumia SellerCenter.

What does is it mean to ‘sell on Jumia’?

On Jumia you can create your own shop online and start to sell your products across Ghana thanks to our marketing and logistic expertise.

What are the requirement to sell on Jumia?

To register as a seller, you need to give the following information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details

To sell on jumia. you will need: A laptop, printer, minimum 10 SKU’s, Internet service.


What are the commissions on Jumia ?

You can check all Jumia commission rates on sellercenter by clicking Settings>>>Profile>>>Commissions


What are the products I cannot sell on Jumia?

You cannot sell fake, counterfeits or illegal items such as weapons and drugs. All the items you sell must be totally new and in perfect shape (products and packing).

What are the products I can sell on Jumia?

You can sell products among the following categories: Phones and Tablets, Fashion products, Home and Office, Computing, Cameras, Electronics, Watches, Sunglasses, Baby and kids products, Toys, Health and Beauty, Automobile, Sport and Fitness, Games and Consoles, Service Deals, Books, Movies and Music, Weddings, Groceries.

Can I sell locally made goods on the platform since Ghanaians prefer buying foreign items, Will I not be wasting my time?

A new policy “Jumia Local” has been launched to promote locally made goods, Jumia will do a lot of marketing and visibility for your items.

Can I put my account on hold while I go on Vacation?

Yes, you can put your account on holiday mode. On your Sellercenter>Settings>Profile> to the end of the page you will find the Holiday Mode. Turn it on and your items will be turned off. Your products will be offline but you would still be able to process outstanding Orders or view your Account Statement.

Can I open 3 different stores to sell different categories of items?

No, a store is enough to list all your products regardless of their categories, Jumia will charge you based on the applicable commission rates of the categories.

Product Upload and management

How do I register new brands on Seller Center?

send an email to requesting for brand creation

How to list my products and start to sell them?

To start to sell your products, you can use our Seller Center platform. The process will be slightly different depending on whether or not your product already exists on Jumia.

If your product(s) already exist(s) in the Jumia catalog:

You can easily add these products to your catalog one by one via our Seller Center platform. You have to add the name, the price and the quantity of the product. You can as well use a file upload to add many products at once to your catalog. Please note that in order to use these tools you will have to know the ISBN, EAN, UPC or RSIN code of the products.

If your product(s) don’t/doesn’t exist in the Jumia catalog:

You can create new offers one by one or massively with file upload via our Seller Center platform. To create new offers you will need the following information:

  • EAN or UPC.
  • Name of the product.
  • Detailed description of the product and specifications.
  • High quality pictures of the product.
  • Price.
  • Available Stock.

Find the tutorials about product creation here.

How many products can I list?

There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on You can also have assortments on your Sellercenter store, and this is always free.

Managing orders

How to manage my orders?

You can fulfill your orders directly from the Seller Center platform.

You will find tutorials to guide you through order management .Click here


How do I know when a customer places an order for one of my products?

In sellercenter, All your orders will appear under “Orders” > “Manage Orders”. Once an order is placed by a customer, it will land under “Pending”. You will also receive an email. You can download the app also to get notifications on your orders. Go to the playstore app on your phone and search for the Sellercenter app.

When should I accept an Order?

You should accept an Order by setting the Pending order to Ready to ship within 24hrs.

Can I self-fulfill my Orders?

You are not allowed to deliver the items on your own, we have our logistics team available to deliver items to customers.

I received a duplicate order on Seller center from the name and address, should I ship the two items. What should I do?

You need to contact Jumia Seller Support by either calling the Vendor Service number 030 274 0646 or by sending an email to

How long does a vendor have to DROP OFF an order after it has been set to ready to ship?

Vendors have 24hours from when the order was set to ready to ship to drop off.

What should I do when an order I dropped off has been cancelled?

Send a mail to

While processing an order, I realized only 1 out of the 2 items in the pending order is available. What should I do?

Click on the + sign next to the order, then cancel the item that is not available and set the item that is available to ready to ship. Verify that the list of items included on the printed invoice of each package matches the actual items in that package.

Why do I have such a high delivery failed rate?

Delivery fails following 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts. Delivery fails because the customer rejected the items on delivery. Delivery fails because customer cancelled the order before delivery/seeing the items.

What do I do when I can’t set my order to ‘ready to ship’?

Send a mail to or call the help line on 030 274 0646 to speak with an agent. They are available from Mondays-Fridays, 9:00am-5:00pm.

How do I get packaging materials?

At the moment, sellers are required to package their orders by themselves using their own brand’s packaging materials.

A customer placed an order for a black item but I just realised that I no longer have that SKU in black but still has stock for the blue coloured item. What should I do?

Email the support team to verify if the customer would like the blue coloured item. if not Cancel the item because you do not have the ordered unit.

How to join promotions


How can I join a promotion?

You can join promotions on your sellercenter. click to know more

My sale has dropped, what can I do to improve sale?

Compare your prices with vendors selling similar products on Jumia and other online platforms. Try as much as possible to be competitive with other vendors, a good deal equals more sales. Ensure to market your online business on other platforms. Use products synergies. If you sell mobile phones, sell accessories as well. Share your Jumia store URL (eg mystore). Ensure you join promotions

Jumia services

What is Jumia Express?

Jumia Express is a value added services for the vendors that will boost the visibility of your products and ease the fulfillment of your orders.

With Jumia Express, you sell more with less efforts:

  1. You store your products in our warehouse: you save warehousing costs and operational costs. We guarantee you a very competitive storage cost and save you time and money.
  2. Your products are seen first by the customers: every Jumia Express products are tagged and boosted at the top of catalog pages and product pages.
  3. We deliver your products first to the customers: the products will be delivered faster because we have them in our warehouse. It will make your customers happy, and they will come back to shop your items.

Find more details about Jumia Express here.

You can subscribe to this service by sending an email to


How much does it cost to join Jumia Express?

Its absolutely FREE to store your items in our warehouse with the Jumia Express option.

NB: This is subject to change or remain the same without notice at any time and is based on how Jumia deems fit for its operations.

How much does it cost to use Jumia pick-up service?

It costs GH3.00 to pick-up and GH2.00 for packaging of the orders.

NB: This is subject to change or remain the same without notice at any time and is based on how Jumia deems fit for its operations.

What is Jumia studio

This service eliminates issues with getting the right image quality. Our in-house experts will shoot the products, upload the images and content. Send an email to  requesting for a studio session

How much does it cost to use jumia studio service?

Its absolutely free to use jumia studio service


NB: This is subject to change or remain the same without notice at any time and is based on how Jumia deems fit for its operations.

Can I cancel my value added services?

You can cancel your Value Added Services whenever you want it. Contact us by sending an email to


When do I have to pay for commissions and services ?

The commissions will be deducted from your payment, which occurs on a weekly basis, on the payday that you will select. The Value Added Services fees will be deducted from your payment on a weekly basis on your payday.

How am I getting paid?

You will be paid via bank transfer or through Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO Cash) on a weekly basis. Payments are made by the 8th working day after the one week date range of sales (as shown on account statement).

Read our tutorial about your account statement here.

How do I know what Jumia is paying for?

You can view paid orders by visiting selecting Report < Account statement < Order overview

I have not received my payment, what should I do?

Wait for 2 working days after your payment date, if payment has not been received, send an email to


What is JUMIA return policy?

Jumia has a return policy of 7 Days, so customers can return the item for the following reasons within 7 Days.
1. The product is not the one ordered
11. The product is faulty
111. Counterfeit Item

What is the timeline to receive my delivery failed items?

You will get the return of your delivery failed item between 7days (Minimum) and 30days (Maximum). You will have 21 days after receiving a notice to collect the item, beyond which the item will no longer be available to you. If a returned item was not made available for collection within 30 days from when the return item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you the value of the item less commission

How will I know when my returns are available?

An email or SMS will be sent to you.

I received a mail that my return is ready but I am out of town, can I send a representative to pick up on my behalf?

Yes you can, the representative should have a valid ID and would need to come along with your Jumia ID card.

Can I pick up returns on Saturday?

Yes, you can pick up your returns on Saturdays:
Spintex Baatsona hub- 9am-2pm
Makola, SIC Mall – 9am-2pm
Roman Ridge, Ebony Junction – 9am-2pm

What do I do if my returns are damaged at the point of getting them at the warehouse?

You out rightly reject the items at the point of collection. Jumia would pay you the cost of the goods (selling price) displayed on the website less the commission of the item.

Customer Satisfaction policy

Can the customers give ratings and comments? And why are these important?

Yes the customers give detailed comments and ratings. These are very important for your sales on Jumia. This is the best way for the customers to know that you are a reliable vendor. The customers look at the ratings of the product before buying it in most cases. The customers will be more willing to buy a product with good ratings. The ratings of your products are one of the most used criteria to evaluate your performance as a vendor on Jumia.

My store has been on QC for months now, It is very stressful dropping off.

All Vendors will go through Quality Check, we are transferring them in batches, and at no point should your item be flagged as failed QC. Ensure to ship good quality products, complete products and items with good packages.

Will I be penalised for setting an order to ready to ship after 24hours?

Yes, the order will be cancelled as out of stock(OOS) and this will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 x the commission rate per item in the order(s)

What is the meaning of OOS?

OOS means “Out-Of-Stock” This occurs when you list a product that is not immediately available for sale. In Jumia, we consider the following as indications of OOS:

(a)Cancellation of order by Jumia due to delay in processing the order by the Seller

(b)Cancellation of an order by the Seller due to unavailability of product purchased.

How can I avoid OOS?

  • Carry out inventory management daily, check your stock to help you identify and disable products you no longer have in stock.
  • Only list products you have in stock, not the ones you are expecting as returns.
  • Put only 50% of your total physical stock on Jumia, especially if you sell on other platforms offline or online.
  • Ensure all orders are confirmed and set to ready-to-ship within one business day from the day you received the order.
  • Ensure all orders are dropped

Why would Jumia penalize me for an order cancelled by the customer?

Jumia does not charge vendors for orders cancelled by the customer.

Why do I have a daily order limit set on my store?

Because in the past 3 weeks your store has had an out of stock(OOS) rate of over 3%

How and when can I get my store off the daily order limit?

Your store will be on the daily order limit for 3 weeks, during which your activities will be closely monitored.

After this review, if your out of stock(OOS) rate is less than 3% the daily order limit will be lifted.