1. What are penalties?

As a Jumia vendor, you agreed with the attached Terms and Conditions to have the right to sell on Jumia (VARIABLE). If you don’t respect them, Jumia may apply a penalty to your account.

The objective of penalties is two-fold:

  • Protect customers from receiving wrong items and being unsatisfied.
  • Protect you from losing sales and potential customers.

2. How do penalties work?

How to pay?

You don’t have to pay cash on penalty, fees will be directly retained on your Seller Center Account.

Why do you pay?

  • Quality Check fail penalty - applied when the product fails the Quality Check at the drop-off hub.
  • Return penalty - applied when a customer returns back an item for a quality reason.
  • Out of Stock (OOS) penalty - applied when OOS happened.
  • Counterfeit - applied when you sell counterfeit products on Jumia.

3. How much do you pay?

Quality Check fail penalty

Return penalty

OOS penalty


Counterfeit penalty







4. Any questions? Don’t worry we are here to help you!