Our goal at Jumia is to help you grow your sales and build a prosperous business. This is why we go to work every morning.

We have a responsibility to protect your reputation.The serious vendors who care deeply about the satisfaction of their customers should be given opportunities to sell more while vendors who operate with less concern for the satisfaction of their customers should be prevented from deteriorating our brand.

Now you will ask us, how will Jumia improve customer satisfaction while protecting its good vendors? It is simple:

Out Of Stock & Late Fulfillment:

There will be an auto-cancellation trigger for all items due to out of stock or late fulfillment. All ready-to-ship orders over 48 hours from the order date will be cancelled daily at 11PM and this will automatically attract a charge of GHc 20 per item.

To avoid this, we encourage you to confirm all orders and drop-off within 48 hours. Also update stock for your items regularly. Please note that you will receive an alert daily to remind you of orders pending cancellations.

Customer Return Based On Quality Issues:

To build your brand and protect the customer’s experience we can’t stress enough the need to ensure the items in your shop are of high-quality.

For all items returned by customers due to bad quality, a penalty of GHc 20 will be automatically charged for each item returned due to reasons based on quality. The penalty is a fixed amount per item returned.

Counterfeit Items:

Jumia will continue to enforce the GHc 500 penalty for every detection of a counterfeit item listed or rejected at the drop-off hub or warehouse.

Jumia reserves the right to permanently deactivate accounts at our discretion. We will be fully transparent with legal authorities investigating cases of alleged   breach of trademarks on the platform and will abide by the law to share any relevant information about every vendor subject to legal investigations regarding this topic.