1. Where can you find the 360 Dashboard?
  • You can find the 360 Dashboard in the Seller Center: Reports → Account Statements → My Dashboard











  1. What is the 360 Dashboard?
  • The 360 Dashboard provides an overview of the status of your items processed by Jumia's services, both during the delivery process to the customer and during the return process of the items to the seller.


  • Forward delivery includes all items     
    that are handled by the Jumia’s
    to be delivered to the
  • Return delivery includes all items
    that are processed between Jumia’s
    services after
    they were rejected by
    the customer.
  • In exception includes all items that
    are exceptionally lost or in that get
    any status that is not previously




  1. Export the data you need.
  • With 360 Dashboard, you can click on an item status, and view some information about these specific items such as their seller SKU, their Order Confirmation Date and the Order Item Status.












4. Any questions? Don’t worry we are here to help you!