Customer Satisfaction is the key factor of our success. For you and for us. This is why we have created a dedicated program in your Seller Center to protect your Seller Score and improve the Customer Satisfaction:

The VIBE Program: 

  • More information and transparency for you:
    • You will receive a heads up by email if you have pending orders that need to be fulfilled urgently.
    • You will receive a heads up by email if you have too many returns.
    • You will receive a heads up by email before any charge for customer compensation, and in general, before any action on your account.
  • There will be no more delisting, but more adapted measure to protect your customers:
    • Automatic regulation of your orders in case of late fultillment or repeated cases of out of stock.
    • Automatic regulation of orders at product level if these items have too many returns for quality issues.
    • Automatic activation of the holiday mode of the Seller Center account if there is no activity.
  • Transparent and simple financial compensation for the customers in case of:
    • Order cancellation because the product is not in stock any more.
    • Shipping of bad quality products or counterfeited products.

Late Fulfillment

What happened?

"I did not fulfilled or shipped my orders in time."

How VIBE can help me?

VIBE sends me a daily email with a recap of the orders that are running late before they are automatically cancelled.

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What happened?

"I have cancelled one or more orders because the amount of products actually available was not the same as the stock I updated in my Seller Center account."

How VIBE can help me?

VIBE will automatically adapt the amount of orders my shop can receive to reduce the impact on my Seller Score, to give me enough time to solve the issue.

VIBE will send me a heads up by email to inform me before adapting the authorized number of orders I can receive.

VIBE will remove this limitation as soon as the issue will be solved.

VIBE will inform me before charging me a customer compensation for the cancellation of their order(s).

VIBE will automatically set my shop on "Holiday Mode" if I am not active on Seller Center to avoid any future cancellation.

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What happened?

"A person in my company had a fake or counterfeit product delivered to a customer."

How VIBE can help me?

VIBE will first warn me to compensate the concerned customers for the damage caused.

VIBE will put my store on hold if the cases of falsified or counterfeited products repeat, giving me the time to solve this issue durably.



What happened?

"I have delivered a product that does not match its description on the website / A product has been returned to me for quality issue."

How VIBE can help me?

VIBE will automatically adjust the number of orders allowed on this product, so as to minimize the impact, leaving me time to solve this issue.

VIBE will notify me beforehand, sending me by email the list of concerned products before adjusting their number of authorized orders.

VIBE will automatically remove the limitation once the quality issue is resolved.

VIBE will notify me by email beforehand to compensate the return costs.