1. What is the Seller Score?
  • As Jumia is a marketplace, customers have to choose between many vendors, and they need trust, safety and relevant information. Then, the Seller Score informs your customers about the quality of your shop.
  • The objective of Seller Score is two-fold:
    • Enable customers to choose the most reliable sellers.
    • Grow your business by attracting more customers and by building a strong brand image.


  1. Where can you see your Seller Score?
  • You can see your Seller Score on your Seller Center Homepage.










  1. What is its impact for your customers?
  • Your score as a vendor is visible on the page of each of your product. Products from top rated vendors have a conversion rate from 5 to 10 times higher than other vendors.










  • The score that appears is the mean between those three criteria:






  1. How can you improve your Seller Score?
  • Improve your Cancellation rate by updating your stock every day so that you will not have to cancel orders any more.
  • Improve your Pending to shipped in less than VARIABLE hours by setting your items on ready to ship as soon as you receive a new order.
  • Improve your Quality score by ensuring to stock only original, authentic, high quality products and brands.


5. Any questions? Don’t worry we are here to help you!