The Hunting List is a carefully curated list of products that represents the top items our customers are searching for. The items are grouped by Category and we expect that the highest volumes of sales for this Black Friday will be from these items in these categories. Although as a vendor, you are encouraged to have a broad assortment of products, we are confident that listing and stocking up on these particular products could drive up your sales significantly. 

Check out the Hunting List by clicking on any of the categories to see the specific products that you could stock up on to make more sales this November. You can also click HERE to download the Hunting List.


The Assortment Challenge is designed to increase the variety of products available for customers to purchase on Jumia. 

To participate, Vendors have to list as many new products as possible to their shops via Seller Center. Sellers who are able to meet the determined targets will be rewarded for contributing to the growth of the assortment we provide on the Jumia Platform.

The reward is varying amounts of free Sponsored Product Packages also known as Mabaya. Mabaya is a service where we advertise a vendor’s selected products across the internet on all social media platforms and to all mobile devices 

1. List 50 new products to get Ghs 200 Free Mabaya 

2. List 25 new products to get Ghs 100 Free Mabaya

3. List 10 new products to get Ghs 50 Free Mabaya

Note that all the products must be new to your shop (not duplicate items) and must be live during the Black Friday period.


The Sell Out challenge is a drive to solicit for maximum participation from Vendors in the Black Friday Promotions.



  • upload a minimum of 100 unique products on your store between now and the 4th of November 2021
  • sign up for the Open CP promotion with at least 50% of the products in your store (minimum of 50 Products)


  • First Prize: 1.5 % Cash Back from all sales made between 5th to 30th November 
  • Second Prize:  1 % Cash Back from all sales made between 5th to 30th November 
  • Third Prize:  0.5 % Cash Back from all sales made between 5th to 30th November 

 Rules of Engagement

  • Duplicating the same product in a store does not count.
  • In a case where one vendor has multiple stores, they can only win on one store.
  • All products created must be live during Black Friday.
  • The vendor with the highest product uploads & wins

Are you interested but wondering how you can stand out from the thousands of other vendors participating in the Black Friday promotions?? Don’t worry. We have some tips for you to make the most of this November. Here’s what you can do to Participate in Black Friday 2021 and showcase your products, increase your customer base, boost your sales and also win any of the prizes!


Open CP is a campaign that we run regularly to invite participation of vendors in various promotions that we run. Products that are entered into promotions receive better placement and increased visibility on the Jumia website and app. 

You can access and apply to participate in promotions by logging on to your seller center.

All you have to do is review the promotions to see whether you meet the minimum requirements and click on Join the promotion to proceed. Watch this video to see how you can enter products in this year’s Black Friday promotions!


Sponsored Products also called Mabaya is a service where we advertise a vendor’s selected products across the internet on all social media platforms and to all mobile devices.

You can apply for Sponsored Products packages by logging on to your seller center and clicking the “Boost Your Products” logo at the top of your screen.

After applying for sponsored products, you can optimize the usage of the service by selecting the best products to sponsor. With the data we gather on which items have the most page views and which sell faster, you can take control of the sponsorship service to increase visibility and drive up your sales


Jumia Express is a service where Jumia keeps your products at our warehouse and fulfill orders for you as soon as they are made. This service is great for fast-moving products because you would not have to make multiple trips to the VDO station whenever an order is received. We also tag your product with the Jumia Express tag on our website indicating to customers a quick delivery time. Log on to your seller center, go to Products tab and Select Jumia Express to apply


Jumia Lending is a quick short-term loan which is available to vendors on Jumia. Our lending partners are ready to give low interest and collateral-free loans to our vendors who have been selling over the past 6 months. 

Take advantage of Jumia lending to get the capital you need to increase your stock or assortment for Black Friday. Click HERE to see the steps to follow and also to appy for a loan today


Newsfeed is a tool that gives vendors the opportunity to market their products to customers on the Jumia app for free. 

Customers who use the app can click on the Feed tab on the Jumia app to see all the interesting offers and the assortment new arrivals different vendors have to offer. 

There is no limit to how many times a vendor can participate. Simply watch the tutorial on how to participate and send your messages now!


From the 5th of November till the 28th of November, we will be modifying the operational times of our various VDO Stations. We are offering more open hours to allow you to deliver your items with more flexibility.

See the image below for the opening hours of each Hub/VDO Station