Knowing how to sell on Jumia is the milestone of your sales experience on our platform. Once you are up and running, you have different ways to consolidate your activities on Jumia and increase your sales.

Become an e-commerce Master

The Seller Center is your one-stop shop to manage all your online sales experience. Knowing how to use this tool helps you keep your business healthy and keep control over your Jumia shop. It is essential to master it in order not to miss out on possible sales. These features help you to:

Manage your products: add product information, keep your stock updated, create the most relevant content for your customers, etc.

Manage the orders: track your items, understand the different types of returns, etc.

Communicate with the vendor support team

Monitor all your performance metrics thanks to the reports in the Seller Center and make sure you are meeting your targets

Take advantage of our services to grow your sales

Your sales experience with Jumia can be improved in many different ways thanks to the tools and services we created especially for you

Subscribe to Jumia Express – it offers premium service for your customers (fast delivery) and 

Advertising solutions create ways for you to reach more customers and therefore it offers you a way to increase your sales. We are offering you several advertising solutions:

  • Sponsored products – accessible through the Seller Center, it helps you channel website traffic to your products by placing them on strategic positions in search pages
  • Newsletter – make your products appear in Jumia’s weekly newsletter sent to customers

Join the promotional campaigns to benefit from a visibility boost and to reduce your inventory

Discover Jumia Lending – get access to fast and easy short – term working capital, that offers flexible prepayment plan, low-interest rate, no extra charges, etc.

Be customer-centric

We set high standards to create a simple and seamless shopping experience. All are designed to make the customer experience as easy as possible. Being a Jumia vendor means that you must monitor your performance indicators to comply with your customers’ expectations and ensure their satisfaction.  

Your Seller Score is your best asset, take care of its components:

  • The cancellation rate, which gives indication on the reliability of your store
  • The number of orders shipped under 48 hours, which gives indication on the speed of your store
  • The quality score, which gives indication on the authenticity of your products

Make good use of the Seller Coach at your disposal to understand the needs of the customers and how you can increase your visibility, your price competitiveness, etc.

Gather the feedback given by the customers reviews, leverage on it to adjust the way you sell on Jumia and therefore increase your sales.

How do we monitor your performance?

Our rules are set to protect you from customers’ dissatisfaction. Without this, you will face difficulties to sell your products and expose yourself to penalties. Keep in mind that the restrictions are made to educate you on how you satisfy the buying experience of the customers. That’s why you have to understand why some restrictions are set:

Understand our Order Limitation policy that protects you against your customers dissatisfaction related to your Out of Stock issues

Understand how the returns work, and especially what is the return policy for the customers so that you can know how Jumia guarantees your rights and your treasury needs

Here are some best practices to avoid being penalized.

Before processing your orders, make sure your products will pass the Quality Check

Check our tips to avoid Out of Stock